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Songs and dances to make revive history, costumes and traditions of a people in the lights and colors of folk

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Some young peoples of Serrastretta, after years of patient researches to discover calabrian songs, dances, musics, legends have founded the folk group "Canterini di Serrastretta", that proposes himself as a messenger of ancient calabrian popular art.

Folk dance is a language with a primitive mime and a silent dialogue that gives the summary of life. It express the heart and the nature of a people, the image of his soul and recalls particular moments of love, tears, legends and mysteries, that, handed down from father to son, represent a great testimony today.

Song, that as dance express a state of mood, kept company in farm work, on threshing-floor and every moment of daily life.

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Calabris.txt The complete text of "'A Calabrisella"!
Tarantella "Tarantella d'u zucculijare" (111 KB - 8 bit)
Cufhientara Tipical "tarantella" of Conflenti (200 KB - 8 bit)
Quadnic.wav "Quadriglia" of Nicastro (260 KB - 8 bit) Ancient process of SILKWORKING
vers. .TXT(MSDOS) and .DOC (Winword 6.0) (by Antonio Gigliotti)
Matrimuo.txt "The ancient marriage" (verse by Daniele Maruca)
Verses One brief collection of verses by Angelo Aiello from "Risurrezione dopo la morte "


The Folk Group "Canterini di Serrastretta" was born in 1974 thanks to the enthusiasm of a group of youth, who had in common the spirit to being together and inspired by the interest in music and in popular song. The interest quickly changes into a real passion, that involved also their families in an experience of great social interest.
From the beginning it has been kept particolar actention to the historical research of costumes, reproducing them in a more and more faithful way to the originals in models and in outer enrichments.
Also songs, dances and above all the movements and objects revived in songs have been brought again to those of once, to bring to life again the past with words and images.

In over twenty years of activity, songs and typical dancings of our Region and of Serrastretta
have been brought on the stages of all Italy and Europe.
Among songs, we remember the traditional song "'U dispiattu" (the annoyance). This is a lurid dialogue between man and woman for a failed love story. By remarking is the colorful language used from both to disdain themselves reciprocally.

Among dances we remember the "Tarantella d'u zucculijare", that coreographically describes chestnuts harvesting and tilling with tools and methodologies once used. Chestnut also now represent a useful help for the Serrastretta's economy.


Both man's and woman's costumes are those of peasant people, modelled for farm work and sheep-rearing activities, but they had also accessories and ornaments, that made them more shining in feast-days.
Some of these accessories, belonging to the woman's costume ("'A pacchiana") are the red cloth of stiff petticoat, typical of the calabrian land between Lamezia Terme and Catanzaro, and the head-gear, white (by linen or cotton) for young girls and black (by cotton or silk) for adolescents and adult women.
The changment of head-gear colour was made in puberal age and on Good Friday, and it simbolized the completed maturity of a girl.

Important elements of man's costume ("pecuraru") are the mantle, a wollen and heavy garment, often with a sheep fur collar, put on by "pecuraru" (shepherd) as a today coat in winter, and the particular footwear ("purcine"), formerly made with pigskin, modelled and held fast to foot by strings.
However, to work pigskin was very difficult, so back rear heel stayed bare.

Musical instruments

This group alwais has used popular struments only, such as acordion, barrel organ, guitar, mandolin, pipe and different kind of tambourine; now there are also more instruments, such as "battente" guitar, Serrastretta's zampogna and more local instruments with typical sonority.


Every year in august and in Serrastretta this group organizes a Folk show of popular culture, with performances by more italian and foreign folk Groups .
During the year it promotes more initiatives, such as theatrical performances of comedies in vernacular, concerts of sacred and classical muisic, new voices festivals, benefit performances, etc. as well as excange of manifestations with other Groups.

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